Chris Weinkauff

Chris Weinkauff Duranso, Ph.D.

Positive Developmental Psychologist


a bit about me:

Welcome to my homepage!  I am a runner, positive psychologist, researcher and professor!  I am curious about the relationship between exercise and well being across the lifespan. While I was in graduate school,  I had the privilege of working with Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the co-founder of Positive Psychology and founder of Flow theory. I also study the role of flow in the context of exercise and well being, typically with adolescents and emerging adults.

Now that I have finished my doctorate (May 30, 2017), I am excited to be an Assistant Professor at the University of North Georgia, where I can focus on teaching and researching, as well as pursuing my love of writing and public speaking.


Did you know that children who spend time moving outside are better able to focus on their schoolwork, are happier in general, experience positive moods more frequently, and have stronger immune systems?


Did you know that we are more likely to stick to an exercise regimen if we experience flow while exercising? And that we will also feel more satisfied, less stressed, and enjoy stronger immune systems as a result?


I am passionate about the great new field of positive psychology and enjoy sharing my research, and that of others in the field, with groups, both large and small.


Topics I enjoy speaking on include positive parenting, positive youth development, and the role of exercise in optimal development for young children, adolescents, emerging adults AND adults in all stages of life. I also enjoy sharing the latest research on spending time in nature, exercise, flow and the relationship each of these have with over all well being. 


If you are looking for a speaker for a conference, workshop or class, feel free to contact me.